Having gained weight, Selena Gomez was brave enough to appear in a tight dress that impresses everyone

Although he doesn’t have a ‘perfect’ figure, Gomez appeared in a figure-hugging dress

There hasn’t been a single time when the iconic and globally famous singer has proven she doesn’t care about the opinions of others and, despite putting on the extra pounds, the legendary star keeps appearing in cute tight outfits.

One of her recent looks was in a slinky, sparkly silver dress that clearly showcased all the curves of the brilliant and talented performer.

Although it’s obvious the celeb has recently put on weight, Gomez still looked stunning as she won millions of hearts.

Selena’s extra weight did not ruin her beauty at all, on the contrary, it gave her more charm. She looked quite confident and wasn’t unsure of her “imperfect” figure.

“What a lovely girl! “, “For me, she is just perfect”, “The weight does not spoil her beauty”.

Some were quick to offer her to work on her diet to lose weight, while others supported their idol, considering her absolutely beautiful no matter what.

How did you find the Gomez figure?

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