Family surprises boy at school with his lost dog

The holidays are not limited to what’s under the tree, but to the presence of the person you are with. And no one knows that better than Mr. Carter Licata and his mate Piper. The two-year-old loves all the other children in his family, but his bond with his brother is special. “It was love at first sight for both of them,” said April Licata, Carter’s mother. But the family celebrations were almost ruined when the unexpected phenomenon occurs: Piper has disappeared.

Last month, Licata took Piper and her other dog out for the baths. But when she opened the door to bring them back, Piper was nowhere to be found. The family’s mission has been to search everywhere, posting on social media and visiting neighbors and community groups. They prayed for Piper to come home safe and sound, but as the days and weeks passed, they feared they would never see their dog again. “We all got sick,” Licata said. “The older kids didn’t want anything to do with the Christmas tree decorations, and it was a very gloomy Thanksgiving for them.”

Then Licata received a Facebook message from the Genesee County Animal Shelter. A dog matching Piper’s description had been dropped off at the shelter by a person who requested anonymity. “My husband and I were leaving for dinner and, frankly, there was a squeal of joy in the truck,” Ms Licata said. “We were shocked and excited.” Carter was out of town when they heard about Piper, so they chose to keep it a secret and surprise her with a special meeting when she returns. Piper, meanwhile, wandered around the house looking for her brother until the day they were to meet. A pug has found his son after he disappeared.

When Carrie saw Piper in the front seat of the truck, decked out in bows, he immediately burst into tears. Piper’s cock raced at the sight of her brother, and as soon as he got in the truck, she jumped into his arms and showered him with kisses. The family couldn’t be happier to have Piper back – and in time for Christmas.

“My son loves his dog very much, he was sick when he was away and tonight he is sleeping with him again,” Ms Licata wrote on Facebook. “what a Christmas miracle for our family”. Want more cats?

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