an Australian influencer deprived of all his members showed his children

Nick Vujicic’s name is well known outside of Australia. This man proved by his own example that happiness can be found in any situation.

Vujcic’s lectures have traveled all over the world and in 2017 he was named the „best motivator“ in the world! His demands and workload are immense, but he never forgets his family.

Nick tells us that as a person with more than just a disability, he managed to find his „life’s work“, a meaningful partner, happiness in his marriage and raising his children. Looking at this happy man, one can believe that everything will work out.

This man, who was born and brought up, is educated and has made great progress in public speaking. Australian authorities are proud to declare that Nick is their citizen.

Despite his reduced mobility, this man spends time with his children playing or chatting. He now has four heirs and there may be more.

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