Woman stays with her horse for three hours after it gets stuck in mud

A young mother spent nearly three hours with her beloved horse after it got stuck in a puddle of mud. The horse was eventually saved, despite racing against time due to high tide. This brave woman first managed to save her daughter and another horse. For mother and daughter and their two horses, a walk on the beach turned into a nightmare. Nicole Graham was riding Astro, a 17-year-old horse, and her daughter Paris, a much younger horse, when the two huge animals got stuck. In a desperate attempt to save their daughter and their horse, the women rushed to their aid.

Astro struggled to find his way and sank deeper, trying to free himself. The mistress then held him and tried to calm him down until her young daughter Paris called for help. The girl got into the car and managed to call for help from there. Meanwhile, the mother.

When rescuers arrived, the horse and its owner were exhausted. Fortunately, they were able to put Astro to sleep and get him to safety, but for Graham, who owns 10 horses, the experience was terrifying. “It was terrifying. It was also heartbreaking to see my horse suffering from exhaustion,” the woman told the Geelong Advertiser. It was covered in mud and it recoiled every time we moved it. He didn’t want to let us go.

The horse rescue is the result of a partnership between firefighters, a veterinarian and a local farmer. Luckily Astro wasn’t hurt, just dehydrated! It was a race against the tide, but luckily we won,” said Deputy Fire Chief Roger Buckle. It was like quicksand”. Vet Stacey Sullivan credits owner Nicole Graham with saving the horse’s life. Many horses cannot be saved. If the owner had not been there, I think the chances of saving them would have been much lower.

To learn more about this spectacular rescue, watch the video below. Nick Almazan, Nick studied journalism at the University of Barcelona. He maintains close ties with major news agencies and travels around the world in search of various information. He is an excellent photographer and a valuable editor for our media group. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

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