Monica Bellucci shows a surprising photo from her personal archives

The Italian star recently posted a photo of herself in a gorgeous strapless, plunging white dress on her Instagram account. A young Monica stands on the surface of a wrought iron arch, staring hypnotically at the camera.

Underneath the picture it was written who had taken the picture and, in handwriting, that she had brought it from her archives. Fans reacted emotionally to the talent’s message, unable to control their impulses.

Men from different countries declared their love for her and said that she was one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Subscribers did not forget to thank her for her creativity and tireless efforts.

Netizens were delighted to be entertained by a variety of photos, including some from 20 years ago.

Moreover, the 57-year-old star continues, even today, to entertain the public with her beauty and her talent. What do you think of this actress?

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