Lost puppy goes to police station to report missing

We’re used to dogs doing unexpected (and funny) things, but this pup’s adventures have taken the internet by storm! How did he do it? This puppy took us by surprise. It was Sergeant Major Rusty Martin who calmly greeted the dog. And he didn’t seem concerned about the uninvited guest. So the officers had no choice but to play along with him. Sergeant Martin said. „We were all excited to have him in the building.“ There was a “tennis ball” that we played with in the lobby for a while.

However, the police are trying to find out who this dog is, because no one comes to the police station having fun, even though he has a good sense of humor and is friendly. Since he was wearing a necklace, he thought it would be easy. But surprisingly… So they went to animal control and checked the dog’s microchip. When animal control arrived, this adorable German Shepherd decided he’d had enough and ran outside. He ran out as fast as he came in,” the sheriff wrote on Facebook.

The next day, Sergeant Rusty Martin was delighted that his canine visitor was safe and, most importantly, that he had found his human father. Nevertheless, he did not hide his joy at this unexpected visit and said that the dog, who calls himself Chico. „The next day the owner replied that the dog was his and that he had gone home.“ The sergeant wrote. He lives 1.5 km from the station. He received a lot of love and affection at the station. It is a relief to know that he is safely back with his owner. Chico is always welcome.”

Nick Almazan Nick studied journalism at the University of Barcelona. He has good contacts with major news agencies and travels the world to gather information. He is an excellent photographer and a key writer for our media group. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

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