how the twins look after separation

Many people know that conjoined twins are unique babies, able to stay together from birth to the end of their lives due to the joining of their body parts. However, a small percentage of “lucky” twins manage to separate from their siblings.

Unique is the case of the Siamese twins Baczynski, who had a long road to happiness.

When the mother, who already had children, became pregnant with her daughters, ultrasound results warned her that their heads were joined. However, the woman decided not to terminate her pregnancy and give birth to her children, despite the serious risks.

After the birth, the doctors examined the girls immediately and found that many parts of the brain were intact, so they began to prepare for the separation operation.

The doctors did a great job and calculated all the risks in advance. After a short hospital stay, the mother and her two children left the hospital completely separated.

Doctors said the twins were developing in an age-appropriate manner and the operation had not affected them.

Children in the future will undergo only a certain number of plastic operations, after which they will not remember their past. In the meantime, the mother decided to have another child, who was fortunately born without any malformations.

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