how designers transformed women

Stylists have repeatedly proven that a simple hairstyle and makeup can do wonders. Women, for example, are so transformed that they are unrecognizable.

For example, gray hair isn’t to everyone’s taste, but sometimes a brighter color can make you look younger.

Naturally, hair is an adornment for any beautiful woman. Of course, a slight weakening of the strands only helps to change the image.

Even thinning hair is no problem, because a bob cut can transform any woman.

Asymmetrical hairstyles can add glamor to any woman. A beautiful appearance and hair and does not require the use of millions of funds, because a good shampoo and conditioner is enough.

Even the most ordinary bangs can dramatically change the appearance.

By the way, stylists have repeatedly proven that you should not be afraid of short hair, because it can transform any woman.

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