A man gets out and discovers a large family of bears inside his vehicle

Chad Morris was enjoying a quiet family vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when his parents suddenly yelled at him to leave. He ran out of their cabin to investigate the commotion and was shocked by what he saw. There was a family of black bears in the driveway and it looked like they were trying to take his car.

Morris says: As soon as I saw them, they got into my car and the three cubs got into the car. The three cubs rode around in Morris’ car, playing in the driver’s seat, sticking their bodies out the window and playing with whatever they could find in the car while the mother grizzly watched and played.

The bears knew Morris and his parents were watching them from a safe distance, but they didn’t seem bothered by their presence and proceeded to commit acts of property destruction and attempt to steal the car. “They saw us taking pictures, but they never bothered us,” Morris said.

Eventually, when the bears realized the car was going nowhere and they’d investigated enough, they cautiously drove off – and then tried to take control of another car parked in the driveway. “They climbed out of the windows,” Morris said, “and two of them climbed into my parents’ car, but their windows were open.” After circling the car for five minutes, they drove down the hill together and out of the woods.

Although the bears left the area and returned to the woods, Morris rushed to check the damage. He was surprised to find that much of his car had survived being ransacked by three bears.

“They ripped a piece of leather from the driver’s seat near the headrest and left multiple scratches on the upholstery,” Morris said. There was a little on my protein shake and claw marks on my son’s soccer ball.”

Most of the time, however, the car is fine and now Morris and his family have a crazy story to tell about how an entire family of bears crashed their vacation and tried to steal their car.

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