Markle and the prince shared recently taken photos of their heirs

Would you like to see how Prince Harry and Markle’s children have changed?

It is worth mentioning that the prince and his lovely wife Mr. Markle recently delighted their followers and admirers by sharing freshly taken photos of their adorable children who during this period have already grown and changed a lot.

Lily, the adorable heiress to the royal spouses is literally adored by millions and the entire royal family as well.

And, by the way, a number of Internet users rushed to assert that the eldest son of the spouses is, in fact, an exact copy of his father.

„As red as her father!“ », « How charming Lily is! “, “Darlings! », « What an exemplary family! „, “ How time flies ! „.

Share your impressions of their little heiress in the comments!

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