It is a pleasure for the eyes. How are the children of the most beautiful couple in Hollywood?

Jason Momoa first saw his future wife on a popular 1980s sitcom when the boy was just eight years old.

The anonymous boy then promised himself that he would meet the girl of his dreams in real life. It was 18 years later that Momoa and Lisa Bonnet met.

Lisa and Jason met at a party at a mutual acquaintance’s house. Since then, they have never separated. Jason and Lisa have been called Hollywood’s cutest couple, despite their stunning age difference.

It should be remembered that Lisa is 12 years older than Momoa. The couple’s marriage gave birth to two lovely children.

In my opinion, the boys inherited the best from their parents.

And despite the announced separation of the couple, Internet users believe that the family of stars will soon be reunited under one roof.

What do you think ?

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