Shelter’s oldest resident gets a standing ovation as he finally finds a home

When Giant arrived at the Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, it was clear the pup had a long way to go to find a home. The large dog was nervous around his new friends and didn’t seem to be adjusting to the environment at the shelter. “We didn’t know what his living situation was until he came to see us, but it soon became apparent that he didn’t trust everyone.” Lauren Mann, foster care manager at the shelter, said: “They warm up with food when they come out of their cages and onto the playground.”

Biggie was abandoned by his owner in December last year. Mr Mann says: “We didn’t have time to take care of him and we had to move.” The shelter needs patient, caring people who can show abandoned dogs that people aren’t that bad. But time passed and Giant became the oldest resident of the shelter.

Then, 260 days later, a miracle happened: Giant walked through the doors of the McCamey Pet Center. One of the shelter’s volunteers decided to take him in. She fell in love with this shy dog ​​and decided to make him a permanent member of the family. “When my colleague brought him to the shelter she said the first night he slept for about 12 hours and really opened up and wanted to play with the other dogs and cats too.” Mann went on to say, He really turned around and became a great dog overall.

The shelter’s working dogs even helped Mike regain his confidence. Mann said: “The service dog took him under his wing and even when we were going for walks and he was a little scared he was like, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay.’ And it shows that everything is fine and that people can be trusted.

When Giant finally left the shelter to join his new mother, the Manns wanted to do something to mark the occasion. Shelter staff, gathered in the lobby, gave the oldest resident a standing ovation as he left the building for the last time.

His new mother was amazed at how he had coped with the situation. “It shows how good he is at dealing with unseen dangers.” Mann said. He’s just ready to go. ……He doesn’t care about treats, pets or anything else. He just wants to go home.” Now Giant is in a loving home and has a new family who will keep an eye on him. You can donate to the Center to help shelter dogs like Giant find new homes.

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