Photographers showed what Hawn, 76, looks like on vacation with her husband

It’s unbelievable that Goldie Hawn is 76 and her star lover is 71. Kurt Russell has been living in a civil marriage with the actress for a long time, the case where the couple are happy and without cachet. passport.

It’s not uncommon to see paparazzi sleeping near the star couple’s house and seeing how to catch them in unattractive ways. They especially like vacation photos, when the stars are relaxed and don’t think anyone is spying on them.

Recently, our heroes were caught just on vacation, their photo immediately appeared on the Internet. However, the fans are not satisfied with the work of the cheeky paparazzi and tried to embarrass them. “And these photographers are not ashamed”, “Leave this couple alone, let them rest”, “They are beautiful at any age, they are beautiful”, they wrote under the pictures.

Meanwhile, the villains woke up and pointed out that Goldie had lost her elasticity and had noticeably aged. “He looks older than his age”, “Unlucky costume”, are some of the Internet users.

What do you say, friends? I wait for you in the comments.

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