Elderly cat finds its way home after 13 years, and the reunion brings everyone to tears

Janet Adamovic was devastated when her cat Boo ran away from her home in 2005, when he was just four years old. She did everything she could to find Boo, including filing a missing person notice in her hometown of Harrogate, England, and placing an ad in the local newspaper.

After a year of futile research, Janet lost hope and finally decided to give two more cats a home: Ollie in 2008 and Tracey in 2014. That’s it, she thought. She could only hope that Boo had found a safe new home. But 13 years later, she received an unexpected phone call. “I got a call on Thursday saying the cats were missing,” Janet said. I said, ‘No that’s not true, I have two’, but when I checked into the system, they said they had a cat called ‘Boo’. I wondered why, but when I got to the vet I couldn’t believe it because he remembered me.

“I don’t know where he came from, he was a wanderer and he was always fed by strangers – or he took his own food.” For his age and years of care, Boo was in very good health, showing only signs of fatigue and mild dehydration. He was taken to Wicstun Vets in York by a stranger who had no information about the cat other than that he had been found in a small town 40 miles away and had been wandering for several weeks.

As a kitten, Boo was very active and loved the outdoors and adventure. But he always came home,” says Janet. There are probably many reasons why she can walk 40 miles. She can survive as a stray, just like a 17-year-old cat. “Even though she is only five years old, she remembers me and has been my shadow since I came home. The other two cats aren’t happy either, but hopefully Boo will eventually come home.

According to the vet who brought “Boo” back, there was an emotional scene when the two were finally reunited. And a spokesperson for the vets said. Boo recognized his mother right away and a few minutes later they huddled together and started meowing. They used microchip data from 2001 to make the connection and matched Boo’s name to Janet’s cell phone number. We strongly recommend that all owners have their cat microchipped in case they get lost.

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