Dog Has Sweetest Reaction After Accidentally Ripping His Favorite Pillow

Draco, the pit bull, hasn’t had an easy life. But there was one thing that gave him peace of mind. It was a pillow with heart-shaped arms. Draco’s mum, Ally O’Cain, said: „As soon as someone takes the pillow, they rush to grab it.“ He sucks it every day to fall asleep.” However, the puppy’s pillow recently ended up in the trash, and Draco couldn’t let that happen.

Ever since O’Cain rescued the pup, which was orphaned by a backyard breeder at two weeks old, Draco has taken great care of the pillow. Draco is a huge fan and would destroy stuffed animals in under five minutes, so we had a house full of rubber toys,” O’Cain explains. But he was very soft and kind with that pillow.” But when Draco’s girlfriend, Willow, a black Labrador, wanted to share the pillow, he became overprotective. In his haste to retrieve his prized possession, the pillow was torn. When the stuffing started to bleed, it looked like the worst had happened.

Fortunately, Draco’s grandmother saw what was happening and quickly intervened. O’Cain said, „I thought the pillow was frayed and torn.“ His mother got scared, grabbed him and said, „I’ll fix it, Draco!“ I yelled at him. Draco’s grandmother took the cushion to the sewing machine and started the operation”. However, Draco couldn’t sit idly by and witness the real operation.

„I kept seeing Draco’s head and legs,“ O’Cain said. He was crying and trying to reach them with his mouth. „He acted like his wife was having surgery,“ O’Cain wrote.

Once the cushion was in place, Draco carried his favorite toy and was visibly relieved to be plump again.

O’Cain and his mother intend to fix the pillow until Draco outgrows the toy – if that day ever comes. But they have doubts about Draco.

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