Cat Is So Happy To Be Adopted That He Brings His Owner Slippers Every Morning

You’ll want to put “Buy a Cat Now” on your list because this adorable cat smiles and thanks his owner for saving him. This adorable cat, named Lulu, has finally found a good home and is so happy and grateful that she wears her owner’s slippers every morning.

Lulu was in very poor condition when she was brought to the shelter. After a few weeks, she looked much better, but nobody wanted to adopt her because of her health problems. She suffered from kidney disease and had been in a small cage for so long that her fingernails had grown. She was also unable to jump.

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However, despite these issues, Kyla and her mother were lucky enough to adopt her and fell in love with her as soon as they saw her. At this point, they couldn’t hide their amazement. This sweet lady and her wonderful family took care of their newest family member. They happily nurtured and loved her. After a while, Lulu seemed to be much better.

One morning, as the kind foster mother was leaving the house, she suddenly realized that her beloved pet had brought her some slippers. It was a very touching gesture and probably her way of saying thank you for saving his life.

Since that day, it has become a habit for this charming creature. Look at this cat’s comical gesture of gratitude.

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