The paparazzi showed Julia Roberts, 54, outside the set

It is known that Julia Roberts never uses makeup on the set, and in everyday life she prefers restraint and naturalness. Naturally, she always looks spectacular when she appears in public. Moreover, more than once she was fascinated by the spectacular style and feminine outfits.

At the same time, the paparazzi are trying to catch a Hollywood star, at a time when she is not ready for shooting and calmly walks or goes to the store. For example, not so long ago, images of a walk in the park of our heroine appeared on the Web, in which she looked quite fresh, despite the lack of makeup and hairstyles.

Fans were delighted with the appearance of their favorite and even gave advice to aspiring actresses, because fame is even better than some young stars. It seems that without makeup she looks even more beautiful than with him.

In addition, impossible not to notice the slender forms of our heroine, and she is the mother of three children. Roberts does not hide the fact that she became an assistant in this area: sports and proper nutrition.

Some villains imply that everything is simple with such money, but there are plenty of stars of this level who are in no rush to maintain their harmony in this way.

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