How does the woman who became a mother at 66 live today?

Adriana Iliescu became famous all over the world thanks to her great desire to become a mother. The fact is that she was already 66 when her daughter Eliza was born.

Adriana devoted her whole life to her career, became an honored science teacher and even got married. However, the woman’s husband never wanted children. So Iliescu lived his whole life dreaming of an heir, but did not dare to take this responsible step.

So, when she was already over 60, Adriana decided that it was not too late to have a child. Of course, it was no longer possible to do it naturally, so she turned to the IVF procedure for help. After several attempts, the woman managed to get pregnant.

After 9 months, a completely healthy girl was born. Now she is already 16, and Adriana herself is 82. Eliza does not complex her mother’s age, despite the fact that her peers pay attention to it from time to time.

By the way, now Adriana does not regret her decision at all and hopes to live to see her grandchildren.

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