how does the actor who played Oggy in Miracle present himself today?

Many of you may have seen the movie Miracle, in which Jacob plays the role of Aggie. Moreover, to be able to interpret the role of the main character, who suffers from Trachy Collins syndrome, the young actor had to go to a center for skulls and facial skin of children treated for this disease.

Surprisingly, at the start of the filming of Miracle, the boy had already performed with a number of stars and had a decent portfolio, and had not only achieved some success and public recognition for his appearance in The Room. Our hero is so sought after that his spine has reached 20 different films and continues to grow.

The fact that he forces himself to wear makeup for an hour and a half every day has the public wondering what he looks like. Few people realize that the film’s protagonist, Trump, is aware that his facial deformity is linked to a genetic disease.

The boy can’t stand the smell of glue used for make-up and admits that silicone products are „even more disgusting“. According to his colleagues, he endured this ordeal with dignity and behaved like a true professional.

Remarkably, on the red carpet, our young hero shone as bright as the established stars. It should be noted that since the filming of Miracle, he has visibly grown up and has become very attractive. Many people suggested he try modeling because he has the talent of a 14-year-old boy.

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