During a walk, the dog suddenly started digging in the ground and found a treasure estimated at 10 million dollars

A married couple were walking their dog near the ranch when it behaved in a very unusual way and started digging furiously into the ground. At first people thought the animal smelled a rodent in the ground. But then they decided to look for the reason and took a shovel.

Very soon, a rusty tin can appeared on the surface, which didn’t really look like a field mouse. But the most interesting thing was waiting for the people inside. The jar was filled to the brim with old gold coins.

The financial situation of the married couple Jean and Marie has seen better days. During their usual evening walk in the neighborhood, they were just discussing the possibility of selling part of their land.

At that moment, their dog suddenly leans forward and begins digging furiously at the ground near a small hill, a few dozen meters away. The dog’s behavior seemed very unusual. The couple therefore set off in pursuit of their animal and decided to see the reason for such a keen interest.

John suggested the animal smelled of field mice or other steppe rodents, but there was no visible evidence of a hole on the surface. The man then decided to come back with a shovel to dig and see what the dog had smelled in the ground.

He literally gave a few blows when the shovel bayonet landed on a hard object. After 20 minutes, an old rusty metal tin can appeared on the surface, which apparently had been there for many years.

“I just took a heavy can in my hands, because the lid came off of it” – John later told reporters.

Inside the jar was a scattering of coins. Apparently the jar was hidden a long time ago, and it was just lying in the ground.

John decided to check the place with a metal detector. And the next day he found 6 more jars in the same place. It turned out that the coins were over a hundred years old. The discovery was valued at $10 million, and it very quickly solved the couple’s financial problems.

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