A woman walks into her bedroom and finds a stranger in her bed.

Recently, on a cold and rainy morning in England, Holly Edwards was at home preparing to start her workday when suddenly the calm of that early hour was unexpectedly broken.

“While I was in the kitchen preparing my lunch for the day, my roommate started freaking out,” says Holly Edwards.

His roommate had eventually discovered that the couple was not alone. It turns out that a few minutes earlier, Holly Edwards’ roommate had left a door open to their backyard. Meanwhile, a local savage was passing by. He obviously interpreted the open door as an invitation to enter.

It was a fox. And he didn’t hesitate to make himself comfortable. Edwards found him comfortably settled in his bed, happy to be sheltered from the rain and the cold. It’s a real shock: Mrs. Edwards was understandably surprised by this unwanted guest, but it didn’t take long for her to feel admiration.

“He was really beautiful!” Edwards said. “Actually, I’m quite terrified of the [renards] usual, but this one was really cute.” As adorable as he was, Holly Edwards didn’t want him to get too comfortable in his room.

Deciding it was best to make the fox a little more wary of humans, Holly Edwards and her roommate made some noises to gently scare him away. And with that, the fox left through the door.

It all happened in minutes, but Edwards isn’t about to forget that encounter.

“It is truly a memorable encounter. It was really weird because we had never seen foxes around here before,” she said. “I think it made me less afraid of them. Or maybe it’s the adrenaline talking. It was still cute!”

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