A Kind Ostrich Helped an Orphan Elephant by Comforting Him and They Became Best Friends

Wild animals never cease to amaze us with their unlikely friendship. These wonderful and gentle creatures have the ability to love and comfort each other, like human beings.

But this special friendship between different species will probably melt your hearts.

Meet Pea, an ostrich, and Jotto, a baby elephant, who enjoyed a unique relationship at the elephant orphanage, where they first met. When Sheldrick Wildlife volunteers rescued the baby elephant, he was only a month old. He was given a second chance at life.

Shortly after this rescue, sanctuary workers found two orphaned ostrich chicks, Pea and Pod, who were brought to the same sanctuary where the baby elephant was. they would become friends. They were flown to Nairobi National Park. Here the little creatures got a new life.

The budding friendship blossomed here. Pea was always by Jotto’s side, bringing him her comfort and her love, which the little orphan elephant needed so much. It was their caring relationship that helped them both to overcome their pain, their loss. Pea and Jotto were inseparable, they spent all their time together.

The ostrich who spends her days with the herd of elephants begins to think she is part of it. Jotto is so happy to have such a playful and caring friend like Pea. They enjoy each other’s hugs all the time.

One day, when they are healed, strong and adult, they will return to the wild.

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