Selena Gomez, wore a tight dress, revealing pleats at the waist.

The famous American singer S. Gomez has proven once again that she is not at all shy about the fat controversy and wears tight clothes effortlessly.

At a recent event, she appeared in a slinky, sparkly dress that showcased her strengths and weaknesses.

The sides of the dress revealed a deep cleavage, indicating that Selena has gained weight.

However, judging by Gomez’s smile, the extra weight wasn’t a problem at all and she looked confident and radiant.

A magnificent girl, elegant in every way, perfect in all circumstances, this is what the fans of the artist noted.

However, not everyone could accept Selena’s different appearance. For example, many advised him to „find a way to lose weight so you can wear those clothes“ and „get in shape.“

What do you think of Gomez’s form?

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