How does Gérard Depardieu’s daughter look after five transformations?

The daughter of Gérard Depardieu tries to get rid of the resemblance of her famous father. The famous and talented actor Gérard Depardieu has children who are as talented as he is. A special mention should be made for Jolie, who followed in her father’s footsteps. However, she never took the surname Depardieu, and did not seek to make a name for herself through success.

The actress herself managed to win the recognition and love of the public thanks to the talents she inherited from her gifted father. Jolie was born 47 years ago. Although her father is often present on the set, he was not involved in her upbringing. As a result, the girl and her brother were devoted to their mother.

When the father came home, there were arguments and clashes between him and the mother. She treated the children with “enthusiasm”. Often, he himself did not give them gifts. He left them at the door before leaving so as not to disturb his communication with the children.

Brother Guillaume remained alone and had bad company. He started using cannabis and was out of shape for several days. His mother was at work and knew nothing about it. Guillaume tried to appease her with money and small gifts to keep her from telling her mother.

Over time, Julie got used to receiving money from her brother. Also, when he decided to move to Paris, the girl found it difficult to adapt to his departure. She felt very alone. Julie was teased at school and known as the girl with the long neck. However, her brother found her beautiful and said so to boost her sister’s self-esteem.

Now an actress, she describes her brother as a very important person in her life and one of her most outstanding characters. It was Guillaume who suggested that Julie dress up as a clown for the school party. The video was well received by school children. All the taunts and mockery turned into praise. The girl quickly became popular with her classmates.

Julie dreamed of having plastic surgery to reduce the size of her nose. It took five operations. William paid it. The girl was 20 at the time. She was a bundle of happiness. His nose no longer resembled his father’s. Julie decides to go to Paris and follow her brother, who is already making movies. She does it because she believes she will succeed.

Julie decides to drop out of college and focus on producing movies. She began to actively participate in small roles.

At that time, his family life went through a bit of a rough patch. Julie’s parents divorced and her brother became addicted to „illegal drugs“. He often became a policeman. Guillaume’s life ended very quickly. He died when he was only 37 years old. The cause was simple pneumonia of the lungs.

This truly talented actress demonstrated her abilities in the movie Midnight’s Children. His work has been very well received by audiences and critics. Julie is happy to be talked about not as the daughter of a famous father, but as an independent person and actress.

The actress believed that her problems with the opposite sex were due to her father’s coldness towards her. Only a psychologist could help him solve this problem.

Julie lived with the violinist for seven years, then they separated. The reason was simple: her husband thought she was doing a real job and she didn’t think her job was useful.

For several years, she lived alone, where she met Philippe Blanchard, director and composer. They got married and lived happily together.

For the sake of her family, Julie sometimes refused to act in films. And she assured that her best roles are yet to come.

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