19 famous men who were the most attractive men decades ago

Looking at the calendar, many people cannot believe that the year 2022 is already coming to an end. After all, it’s already been 22 years of the century, only yesterday the whole planet came together so beautifully, looking at the jumpsuit of the year 2000. And then you understand that famous people don’t have not kept the same age either, although our memory preserves. the roles they played.

In this article, let’s look at the actors who were the thunder of women’s hearts about 20-30-40 years ago. And some of our readers might not see them that way, except in one of the now retro films.

Nicolas Cage is 56 in the photo on the left, 22 in the other.

Gray Kurt Russell is 69 in the photo on the left and 28 in the second

Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, 59 against 29 today

Do you remember him in the deceptive illusion? Woody Harrelson at 59 and 21

But what do you think, Sean Penn? 60 against 24

Certainly not the same Jim Carrey on the outside at 58 and 37

The same “high class” Christopher Lambert. 61 vs. 29

Did you know that Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand? In photos: 56 years old and 26 years old

You might not believe it, but John Travolta is 66 years old. In the second photo, 23 years old

How many roles do you think Ralph Fiennes has? Photos in which the man is 56 and 30

Another star is Kenneth Branagh, 60 to 30

Actor of English origin – Jeremy Irons – 71 / 33 years old

He is remembered for many roles in comedy films Vince Vaughn – 49 / 28

Brendan Fraser has changed a lot with his face, 49 26

Have you met David Thewlis? 56 against 34

Ian Glenn British. One of the last famous Game of Thrones characters. 57 against 29

Although the age of the passport has increased, it is easy to find out. Peter Gallagher, aged 64 and 40 respectively

During his career, Eric Roberts appeared in over 500 movies and TV shows, from a dozen years ago to the age of 64, 28 years ago.

Vincent Perez from Switzerland, aged 56 and 36 respectively pictured

Are you ready to pick one of today’s young handsome men?

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