How has this baby changed after 39 years?

A phenomenal case! A baby weighing 7 kilos was born surprising the world

This unique boy, Kevin Roberts Clark, has surprised the world since his birth and has become the greatest newborn in history.

Kevin’s mother was sure her baby would weigh as much as her first baby. However, she didn’t expect Kevin to be born weighing more than 7 pounds.

When the newborn came home, it turned out that the crib was much smaller, and he simply could not sleep in it. And, the clothes they bought before were much smaller.

At the age of 12, Kevin was over 150cm tall and it was a major problem for him to find suitable clothes.

His parents encouraged him to take up basketball making sure that he would definitely succeed in the sport due to his height. But that didn’t interest him Kevin. He prefers to hunt and fish.

Currently, at the age of 39, Kevin weighs 300 pounds, is over 6 feet tall, and is a state police officer. No one could remain indifferent and he was constantly mocked and judged because of his unique appearance.

He claims that even today people still wonder if he is a basketball player or not. Despite his uniqueness, Kevin managed to find the love of his life and create a wonderful family.

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