18 girls who experimented with their eyebrows and got shocking results!

Beauty is a relative and often ephemeral concept. But everyone aspires to it as he understands it. Therefore, there are many different trends in the world that make girls do absolutely amazing things with their looks. This particularly affects the eyebrows. What girls don’t do with them. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s not an accident in a beauty salon, but a real customer request. Today we have selected for you photos of girls who experimented with eyebrows and got a very ambiguous and strange result. Please share your thoughts on this.

Like grasshopper legs

The problem here is not only in the eyebrows, the hairstyle is also unusual

Slightly thin eyebrows

fluffy eyebrows

it looks more like bad photoshop

It’s hard to ignore

Maybe add volume?

He was trying to be natural

He looks like a cartoon

It’s high fashion

Some girls know how to surprise

Those aren’t eyebrows, those are bat wings.

There are no words

She is Lady Gaga’s twin sister.

Maybe raise your eyebrows a bit?

I wonder when it will stop.

The emphasis on the eyebrows is very strong

What are the biggest arrows or eyebrows?

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