The touching story of the rescue of a baby squirrel and its friendship with a human

Some people cannot ignore the suffering of animals. It is heartwarming to know that there are many friends, not just humans, who are willing to help helpless little animals in pain.

On her page, Olga shared with users of the social network the beautiful story of a rescued baby squirrel. She says she found the baby completely exhausted and lifeless on the side of the road. She and her husband took him home.

However, the squirrel had fallen and hit a rock, injuring its eye. The couple realized the baby’s eye wouldn’t heal without help and the squirrel couldn’t survive on its own.

A fan, fascinated by the story, asked Olga to teach her how to live with animals. Olga posted daily photos and videos of the squirrels, which have become a full member of the family.

Olga said she and her husband called him Rey. She started to tell, with photos, how her new friend slept on his pillow, how she was wary of strangers who came into the house and how, when she was a puppy, she scratched her paws because she had not had the opportunity to shave them in their natural environment.

Subscribers were surprised and excited to see how docile the little squirrel had become. In the wild, squirrels integrate into human society, fall in love with their protectors, and become more loyal than cats.

They sleep in their crib, play fighting games with their father’s hands, have fun watching their owners in the kitchen and sit on their backs like parrots.

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