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After winning the European Song Contest, only the laziest will talk about Conchita Wurst. The singer has committed all the deadly sins. It is interesting to see what the writer does today and what she does.

His real name is Thomas. He was born a man, but as a child he understood that something was wrong with him. He didn’t like to wear the kind of clothes that boys wear and Thomas didn’t have any masculine features.

Her whole personality was feminine, fragile and delicate. For a boy, it’s not easy. Children and teenagers can be difficult.

Thomas had to endure constant humiliation and abuse. From an early age, he had musical talent and a pleasant timbre of voice. He wanted to become famous and fight for the rights of people like him. Thomas practiced under the guidance of his teacher and worked tirelessly for himself.

Thanks to his efforts, he won the European singing competition. It should be noted that the singer was specifically asked to perform as a representative of a non-mainstream orientation.

This is when the nickname Conchita was born. However, to win the competition, she had to overcome several obstacles. Initially, her country of origin did not send a singer with a non-traditional orientation, without trying to hide it. After the competition, Thomas has gained an international reputation and his situation is indeed interesting.

The artist was legally married to a French dancer. The marriage lasted four years. The creatives were happy, but reluctant to leave. How did this happen? Unknown. The singer does not want to discuss the details of his personal life.

Thomas was loved and popular in Austria. However, he once admitted that he was tired of Conchita’s image. He was deprived of his manhood. Thomas admits that Conchita made him forget his masculinity.

Now it is clear from the photos that he decided to try on a more masculine image. The talented singer currently has an empty mind. He pursues his own happiness.

Thomas says that in the six years he’s been competing, people have become more tolerant of minorities.

He believes that people become more human and more tolerant of those who do not look like them.

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