Born single. ‚Dancing Millionaire‘ shows daughter’s face for the first time

About two months ago, the famous „dancing millionaire“ Gianluca Vacca and his lover Sharon Fonseca had a baby.

The couple had a daughter, who was named by an unusual name Blue Jerusalem.

This couple became popular on the internet before the event. The hearts of users have won wondrous dances, performed by 53-year-old Gianluca and 25-year-old Sharon on a millionaire’s yacht. The couple did not change their habits even the day before the birth of their daughter, who arrived at the hospital. The couple performed their dance directly in the antenatal ward.

Not so long ago, Gianluca and Sharon decided to show their little girl’s face for the first time. It turned out that the girl was born with a pathology of the palate, which doctors call “fissure”. The young girl will be operated on as soon as the doctors consider that she is ready. The millionaire intends to support funds that help children with similar problems because not all parents are lucky enough to pay for surgery.

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