An Exhausted Wolf With A Canister On His Head Was Caught And It Saved Him

Unfortunately, man has polluted the environment with his waste. The main problem is the plastic. The main problem is plastic, which often causes problems for animals. Here, a wolf decides to eat the trash and ends up in a bottle.

Photographers were photographing nature in a lake in Nagpur, India. One of the photos showed an animal that the youngsters had caught by accident. It was a wolf with its head stuck in a plastic bottle. It turned out to be one of the endangered species during the rescue operation. Apparently, while trying to remove the leftover food from the container, his head got inside. The wolf appeared very emaciated and completely isolated from the pack due to a chronic lack of food. Experts arrived on the scene and, after administering first aid, the wolf was released.

The companion who spotted the animal immediately contacted the Forestry Agency. Photographers spent two hours chasing the wolf, while relatives watched from afar. According to witnesses, it was ordinary plastic food packaging, the kind of plastic that locals throw away every day. The uncontrolled consumption of plastic and the lack of proper disposal capacity for this material is not only the cause of environmental and physical problems, but also of similar incidents with wildlife.

In the past, dumping waste into the sea has harmed flora and fauna, but plastic waste has been steadily increasing over time, including in the areas where it is dumped. According to current data, most of the plastic pollution occurs in India and unfortunately such incidents affecting wildlife are common. The vet managed to grab him, calm him down and help him remove the plastic container from his head.

Having been in an enclosed environment for so long and without air, the wolf had to bathe in cold water to bring down its body temperature. When the raptors were released and their lives were no longer in danger, officers returned them to the pack, which immediately headed into the forest. This story has a happy ending, which is a good thing. But it could have had a more prosaic ending. The wolf was lucky enough to be spotted by chance by a photographer, who immediately came to his aid.

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