About five years ago, two families abandoned this special little girl. What is his fate now?

A baby girl named Sarah was born with a special face. In the delivery room, doctors diagnose her with Down syndrome. Sarah’s parents saw this as a problem and gave the baby to the orphanage.

Since then, the girl has had a difficult life without her parents. Other family members saw her at the time, but changed their minds after hearing her diagnosis.

That’s when a man named Luca appears before Sarah, who has always dreamed of a family, although her personal life is not looking good.

For a single man, it was difficult to get custody of the children, but he did his best and Sarah became his daughter.

Sarah is now four years old. She is becoming a very special, bright and talented little girl. Judging from their photos, it seems that the dad loves his little girl very much and gives her happiness and love every day.

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