A dog does a double take when he sees who is standing behind him

As she waited outside her parents’ wedding venue, Lucy felt someone slip up behind her. A dog and a bride. Turning around, the big dog barely recognized the woman in white. But when she realized who it was, Lucy couldn’t help but rush. Damn, is that my mother?” She seemed to pause for a moment. Lucy’s mother, Ashley Pfaff. The dog ran towards the bride.

This moving “first look” was captured on video and can be seen here. Ms Paff and her new husband Chris Decker wanted Lucy to be part of their special day from the moment they started planning the wedding. Mr Pfaff says: “We knew Lucy’s presence at the wedding would add another dimension to the wedding planning, but after discussing it, we decided she needed to be there with us, all the time.” There were no kids at the wedding, so Lucy was the bridesmaid!”

Lucy loved being the dog of honor and was thrilled to be part of the ceremony. She really did everything to make the ceremony special. Perhaps even more special than the first look is the fact that just as we started to say our vows, Lucy got up and walked down the aisle between us, inconspicuously.” , explains Ms. Pfaff. We were there because we knew it was the most important day of the year!” It was like.

The dogs waiting at the altar. Mr. Pfaff and Mr. Decker are doctors, but they can’t imagine life without Lucy. Lucy gave them the joy and love they needed. During the pandemic, the couple worked on the front lines, but they felt safe knowing they could always come home to find Lucy.

Mr Pfaff said: “Lucy was like a rock and gave us unconditional love and joy every day, even when we couldn’t see other family members and friends.” She said. She helped us both through some of the toughest times we’ve had as healthcare professionals.”
The couple have a dog at their feet.

Attending Lucy’s wedding was a lot of paperwork, but for Mrs. Pfaff it was more than that. She got to wear my dress and witness that special day and that special occasion.” Ms Pfaff said. This is a once in a lifetime dog.

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