the little kitten, found under a car, has finally found his happiness

It often happens that one spouse wants a pet and the other is against it. It is then necessary to use different methods of persuasion: arguing, asking or, finally, quietly bringing a pet home, because they will not put it outside! Today’s article is about people who only need a photo and an SMS to reach an agreement.

He was about to pull out of the parking lot when suddenly a creaking sound was heard from under the car. When he looked inside, he saw a helpless little kitten. His mother was nowhere, and there was no point in looking for him in a large area, and where to look? The man took such pity on the baby that he decided to take extreme measures: he texted his wife with a photo of the kitten: “Can I take him home?”.

His wife then shared the story on her social media page. As the woman admits: “I couldn’t say no…

Once in good hands, the baby was fed and washed. His appearance was drastically different from before. This little face has become sleepy and happy.

After a visit to the vet, it turned out that the tailed child was only four or five weeks old. The vet said the baby was very lucky because usually when animals hide under a car they are rarely noticed.

The little purr is called Axel. He does not forget about kindness and responds to his owners with affection and tenderness.

Finally, we would like to say that you should always check if someone is hiding under your wheels, and not pass by those who need your help.

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