The baby with the “mask” on his face has been cured

This little girl has recently become world famous, but you wouldn’t wish that kind of fame on your enemy either. The thing is, Luna Fenner was born with a rare skin condition called nevus.

Shiloh is a fan of loose clothing. However, she herself said that she did not feel like a girl. The girl even thought about becoming a guy.

The spot, which covered almost the girl’s entire face, required treatment. American experts recommended performing 80 staggered operations, the cost of which became unbearable for the parents of the moon. However, the time could not be missed, as there was a possibility that the spot might turn into a malignant growth, and that could not be allowed.

It was then that the Russian surgeon Pavel Popov heard about our little heroine, who offered her help and a much gentler attitude, unlike her foreign colleagues. The parents agreed and lived in Russia for more than two years, during which several consecutive surgeries were performed.

It should be noted that the girl has now completely got rid of her stain, which some have already called “Batman’s mask”. Of course, there are still scars on the child’s face, but a few more special procedures, and they will not be noticeable.

The girl’s mother is happy that the most difficult is behind them, a single incident does not get out of her head. Once she came to church with her child, at that time there was a girl who, seeing the moon, asked her mother in surprise what was happening to the child. In response, the mother replied that it was a “monster” and ordered not to look at the child.

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