This elderly pensioner woke up famous around the world after showing the photo of a student he is married to

After sharing the photo of his 21-year-old wife, this pensioner has gained popularity

Meet this extraordinary and atypical couple – Maria and Vyacheslav, who first met at a resort in Turkey. Regardless of his age, the pensioner fell madly in love with the girl and began to take the first steps.

The man has his own law firm and the 21-year-old is currently studying law. At first they struck up a friendship, then the 71-year-old pensioner proposed to his beloved.

Maria’s family was strongly opposed to their union because of Vyacheslav’s age. However, according to Maria, she fell in love with him for his personality, not for looks or money.

It is noteworthy that as soon as Vyacheslav shared the photo of his young wife on social media, he immediately gained popularity.

One might find comments like “The two are lucky to meet. He found a young companion and she found a rich man”, “Love knows no borders”.

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