She is exactly 86 years old? Sophia Loren always impresses with her bold floral look

There are actresses over whom time has no power.

And inimitable Sophia Loren is one of them. Her name has long been synonymous with beauty. She is a timeless style icon. And who would say that this seductive beauty is already 86 years old?

Lauren herself has always been able to appreciate life and love herself for who she is. The actress did not go on diets as well as does not care about her figure. But nature gave her charm, magnificent forms, as well as an attractive figure. Despite her age, the actress can afford bold tight outfits, as she managed to maintain a slender figure.

And Lauren has once again proven himself to be the „steadfast block“ of world cinema. At 86, the actress starred in her son’s film, playing heroine. Lauren has shown that she is still in the ranks and will give chances to any young actress. He looks decent and no one will say that he is over 80 already. She still amazes everyone with her flowery look.

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