phenomenal photos of incredibly beautiful eyes that will not leave anyone indifferent

Here Are Kids Who Have The Most Amazing Eyes You’ve Ever Seen

It’s no secret that we are born nearly blind, our eyes are at first extremely sensitive and often closed. If we take the eyes of the elderly, many of them have ceased to shine due to lack of energy and enthusiasm. But when it comes to the eyes of children and young people, they can sparkle even more than pearls and diamonds.

The talented photographer who is behind these fantastic and phenomenal photos hails from Istanbul, Turkey, where even stray animals are cared for and the homeless are respected. This country is also home to different nations, which is why Abdul, the photographer, had the chance to meet the following children.

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These relatively large, amazing and striking eyes will not leave us indifferent. They are often associated with portals to new galaxies and universes and seem mysterious.

It is rather heartbreaking to see that the majority of these children are homeless, with dirty clothes. They are children with an open heart.

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