Cave explorers found a dog that spent two weeks 150 meters deep

On a family outing, Jack and Elsa took their beloved dog Chelsea for a walk in a familiar local park. At one point, while playing with other dogs, the owners noticed „Chelsea“ was out of sight.

No matter how hard the couple tried to search and call their dog, it was all useless. Owners of other dogs walking near the area also joined the search and tried to help, but to no avail. The couple spread information about the loss of the dog in the nearby neighborhood and on social media.

A cave system has recently been explored by local researchers in this area. One day, while traversing a predetermined search route at a depth of 150 meters, the specialists saw an exhausted dog inside, they were very surprised how he could have ended up there. After all, dogs cannot survive for a long time without food and water, and at first glance, the animal spent enough time there.

The dog was in very poor condition, very thin, practically unable to move. The specialists had to stop their research and help the poor man.

The animal hid in a narrow area, and cavers had to make great efforts to get it. As soon as they got the dog out, they immediately wrapped it in a blanket and put it in a bag so it was convenient to get it out of the cave. After the rescue, they began searching for the owners by asking locals about the rescued animal.

Locals immediately realized it was the missing girl, Chelsea. Scientists contacted the dog’s owners and told them the good news. The couple immediately arrived at where the dog was. They were very happy to see Chelsea alive. Jack admitted that their family had completely lost hope of ever seeing their pet. And they were also very surprised when they learned that the dog was around. Elsa suggested that during the game she chased a little mouse and ended up in a tunnel.

The family thanked the researchers for saving their pet and returned home as there is still a long way to go for their beloved Chelsea to regain health and strength.

Luckily, the dog was saved. However, these caves are so large and the dog was severely emaciated from barking loudly that this situation could have ended tragically.

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