A whole pack of dogs sit perfectly still for their family portrait

Anyone who’s ever tried to convince a single dog to sit still for a photo knows how difficult it can be – but one woman managed to do the impossible with – wait and see – 11 dogs.

Melissa Lentz, who fosters dogs through Releash Atlanta, explained who is in this photo.

“Top from left: Mia, Pancake, Paxton,” Lentz said. “Bottom from left: Benji, Gizmo, Alex, Penny, Donny, Lula, Monroe and Rudy.”

Ms Lentz added that seven of the dogs pictured are foster dogs waiting for homes, while “Gizmo, Donny, Monroe and Rudy are mine,” she said.

Perhaps even more remarkable is that this perfect portrait is far from a one-off fluke.

“I have tons of these photos,” says Melissa Lentz.

Sometimes Lentz even manages to join the pack to get the perfect shot.

But how does she manage to achieve such perfect family portraits – which is quite difficult even for humans?

Lentz’s secret seems to lie in the special relationships she establishes with dogs. You can almost see that bond reflected in the way the dogs stare at her as she takes the photos.

“I literally put them on the couch, one by one, and they fall into place on their own!” said Melissa Lentz. “I don’t use food, treats or anything. I just tell them to look at me.”

The photos aren’t just adorable – they’re also quite emotional, as they capture the foster animals at a very important time in their lives – when they learn to be comfortable in a home, with hope in longer term to soon find their own forever home.

Luckily, they found this dog whisperer to help them on their journey.

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