The magnificent Penelope Cruz before and after a plastic surgery operation, without Photoshop, without makeup

In order to stay beautiful, women undergo various cosmetic and surgical procedures. Penelope Cruz not only has a stunning physique but also a big heart.

She collects animals abandoned by their owners. However, few people know this. She donates most of her earnings to charity. Penelope simply asserts that beauty does not come from the outside, but from the inside.

In an interview she said: “I am stubborn and strong, but at the same time I have principles that never waver. One of those principles is that I want to be true to myself, which means I don’t want plastic surgery or makeovers”.

However, it is not the case. She denies having undergone any operation, but the photos are too telling. His face doesn’t seem to have changed much. Overall, the actress seems to be getting better with age. His appearance is the envy of many of his colleagues.

The actress has an enviable figure. But his face is already beginning to have small wrinkles. But that’s not such a big negative. Cruz has many fans who accept her regardless of how she looks.

And it’s an undeniable fact that he really is handsome for his age, and a lot of young artists do it effortlessly.

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