How a kind woman saved a starving boy from Nigeria and what happened to him 6 years later

Charity workers often visit countries with low populations. Their goal is to provide all possible assistance to low-income families, especially children. Often they don’t just have a roof over their heads, but even food to survive.

Therefore, food and water can prolong a person’s life for a few more days. However, there are also special people who are ready to give these children a chance for a new life. Anna Ringgren, the charity’s founder, was like that too.

Leaving for another rescue mission in Nigeria, she did not expect to return with a little boy. He was sitting helpless in the middle of the street in the sun and could no longer ask for help when Anna noticed him.

Without hesitation, she approached the emaciated boy and gave him water, which is clearly demonstrated in this photo.

The boy was too weak and needed medical attention, so after drinking the child, Anna immediately sent him to a private clinic. There was little chance for her salvation, but the baby turned out to be hardy and was able to survive.

After that, Anna simply couldn’t leave him on the street anymore, because then all her efforts would be in vain. While the boy was sick, she truly attached herself to him with all her heart and genuinely worried about his well-being.

When the child was healthy, the woman immediately took him with her to Denmark. There he was given a new name Hope, which means “hope” in translation, and remained in the care of a charity organization. Over the years spent in a foreign country, Hope has changed beyond recognition. He became a happy and joyful boy.

At school, he is not behind his peers in development, and in his spare time he enjoys playing football. Above all, Hope showed himself in painting, for which his peers began to call him “Picasso”.

His paintings are really talented and have a mature perception of the world. The 7-year-old boy already draws masterpieces and new friends support him in his aspirations.

The organization’s employees tried to find her relatives, hoping that they would be indifferent to Hope’s fate. The truth was cruel and sad. Superstitious Nigerians willfully abandoned a 2-year-old boy to his fate, suspecting him of witchcraft.

Of course, it is difficult to condemn the uneducated and those living below the poverty line, but such an attitude towards children in Nigeria is common – in the lower strata of the population.

Hope himself knows his story and still can’t look at the first baby photo without crying. Nevertheless, he is taught to treat his relatives without hatred, explaining the reason for such an offense.

In total, Anna Ringgren saved around 300 children from Nigeria. Each of them had the opportunity to survive, to study and to become happy.

On each trip, Anna helps another person find a decent life, and another to live a few more days. She cannot change the fate of the whole world, but she is able to remain merciful and not indifferent. Thanks to such people, I want to believe that good always wins, because every life saved by them is priceless.

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