Bear kept in cage for 9 years jumps for joy when he sees water for the first time

A bear rescued from a bile farm has the sweetest reaction when he realizes he’s finally free. Kept in tiny cages for almost a decade, the huge animal can’t believe his eyes that he’s swimming for the first time. Her reaction of unbridled joy was captured on video and it’s just heartwarming.

But none of this would be possible without Animals Asia, a Hong Kong-based charity specializing in rescuing animals in need. Thanks to them, so many wild creatures have been saved from the saddest of lives. That’s what happened to Taffy the moon bear. For too many years the friendly bear has been caged and used for medicinal purposes on a bile farm.

After over 9 years and a huge effort from an animal rights activist, Taffy finally got the chance to live her life in peace. After being rescued from the miserable place where he was forced to live, the bear was transferred to one of Animals Asia’s sanctuaries. But the hard life he lived left too many physical and emotional scars on the poor bear.

However, neither her poor eyesight nor her jaw’s many desires stopped Taffy from fully enjoying her moment of freedom. A rescued bear that has been moved to a beautiful sanctuary in Vietnam is about to swim for the first time in its life. But not before surgery and a full recovery.

“Coming after years of little to no water, this must feel like a true oasis for Taffy after so much dehydration and pain,” Louise Ellis of Animals Asia wrote on the charity’s website.

Watch the heartwarming moment Taffy jumps for joy like a baby as she enters the pool for the first time.

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