“Falling in love with a 71-year-old pensioner at the age of 17”. What happened to the young man who married the old woman?

Almeda and Gary are a very unusual couple. People are used to young girls dating older men, but this is different.

Gary came into this woman’s life when she said goodbye to her eldest son in church. He later confessed that he never thought he would meet his destiny this way.

When her son left and she was left alone, Gary came over to cheer her on and they started talking.

She even wore a white wedding dress and lived in the same house as her grandson.

Gary had previously been in a relationship with a woman 77 years his senior. However, many of his actions are disputed and cause him a lot of scandal.

Almeda says they are happy in this marriage, although many people, including friends and even relatives, are breaking them up – although some are supportive.

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