Agent Answers Call About Vicious Pit Bull, But Finds A Sweet New Friend Instead

It is wrong to make stereotypes about races of beasts. Their attitude has more to do with how they are raised than their genetic makeup. However, many dogs have an unfavorable image because of this. Pit bulls, on the other hand, have had a long bad reputation for being mean and aggressive. Therefore, pit bulls have a very negative effect: they are the most common breed category to be kenneled.

However, they don’t deserve it. Most pit bulls are as gentle as any other dog, get along well with children and other types of animals, and are loyal to their owners.

A police officer had first-hand experience of the clichés about these dogs and changed his mind after being “arrested”. One of the officers wrote: According to Travis, he left the door to the patrol open so he could jump in if the dog chased him aggressively.

However, he waggled his tail happily. The police officer was able to pet the dog, who happily accepted the help. The dog jumped into the police car and happily sat in the front seat. The police officer, Mr Frost, was relieved and befriended the dog as if they were old friends, taking pictures together. The dog is enjoying the ride looking out the window.

But there is a big lesson to be learned here. Frost finds that some people automatically consider dogs to be „evil“ because of their appearance and feel sorry for friendly dogs of stereotypical breeds. Fortunately, everything went well for this pit bull. After all, he had a family of his own and had just left.

The owner had chipped the dog, but that information had expired, making it even more difficult to find the dog. However, he was soon taken into care by the local animal shelter. It turned out that the dog had been carefully cared for and trained by its owner, which was the most important thing.

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