The dog was spotted rummaging through the trash

A dog finds a puppy in a trash can and becomes its mother.

A Brazilian city police officer leaving his home noticed something quite trivial. A neighbour’s dog was rummaging through collection bags piled up on the street.

However, it became clear that the dog’s motive was not hunger, but a full heart.

A few minutes later, officers returned to the house and found the same dog. But this time he had something in his mouth.

When the policeman approached and took a closer look, he first thought the dog had found a dead kitten. However, the truth turned out to be very reassuring.

The dog had indeed saved a puppy. The pup was still alive, despite the smell of trash that could have been placed there to die.

The dog that rescued the pup certainly had good intentions.

After moving the pup, it started whining and he left it to watch while the police called for help from the local animal rescue officer.

He played the most important role in rescuing the pup,” Rodriguez wrote online of the brave dog.

However, he will soon need the help of another kind-hearted dog.

On Facebook, Ms Rodriguez asked if anyone had a dog that was already nursing, as the dog who found the puppies was unable to nurse.

The abandoned dog has found a new foster family.

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