The de Armas actress rushed to ask the legendary Monroe for permission to play her role

De Armas went to Monroe’s grave to ask her permission to play her part

It should be mentioned that the legendary and irreplaceable Monroe passed away 60 years ago, leaving the huge army of her loyal fans and relatives in tears and grief. Although many years have already passed, Monroe still remains the most iconic actress of all time and her image still warms people’s hearts.

Millions of people still regard her as a true icon of femininity and style and films depicting the life of the cult star never cease to entertain and delight viewers around the world.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised by De Armas’ role in a film starring the legendary woman, while the actress shared some quirky and surprising moments that took place during filming.

Armas clearly felt the existence of the cult woman on set and also revealed a secret that helped her a lot in the film.

As the actress mentioned, she worked very hard to be completely ready and well-prepared for the iconic role.

In front of the set, she and all the staff went to her grave and Armas left a note on her graveyard asking her permission to play her role.

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