Kate Middleton’s most expensive jewelry

Kate is forbidden from wearing expensive jewelry in public, but she is sometimes allowed to do so. Also, she wears special jewelry. At the end of 2010, the life of an ordinary young girl changed dramatically. That year, after ten years of dating, Prince William asked her to marry him.

She went from being an ordinary small-town girl to being a member of the royal family. Today, she is no longer allowed to wear expensive jewelry, but Kate managed to break this rule.

One of Kate’s most prized possessions is her engagement ring. Its value is estimated at $550,000.

Kate also has a million dollar royal tiara with 19 pearl and diamond studs and a ribbon.

Another of Kate’s favorites is this royal diamond bracelet. The Duchess only wore it twice to diplomatic meetings.

The most expensive piece of jewelry Kate wore was a Cartier necklace worth $160,000, which was quite large and made of different types of gold. It was intertwined with a ring. The set also includes a stunning pair of glamorous earrings. What is your favorite Duchess jewel?

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