This influential 50-size model has proven that even plus-size women can win millions of hearts

This Plus Size Woman Ruined Stereotypes Of Beauty With Her Charm And Femininity

This unique woman with the non-standard appearance successfully showed that even women of 50 sizes can be the first example of female beauty and attractiveness.

The stunning 28-year-old model who is an editor at popular site Runway Riot certainly knows what clothes to choose to look gorgeous.

She regularly spends hours in a gym in order to maintain her appetizing and gorgeous figure.

The plus-size woman also actively runs a YouTube channel where she has shared exercises that will help maintain her figure and stay healthy.

It is known that Iskra used to work as a model, and she always had to limit herself to many things and follow a strict diet. Then one day, she realized that she was exhausted and in pain.

And she immediately stopped her career in the modeling industry. Today, she exercises regularly to stay in shape and tries to eat well.

She embodies femininity and beauty for millions of people today.

Iskra is the greatest source of inspiration for its followers who simply adore its body and wish to resemble it.

The woman continues to encourage others to accept and always be proud of themselves.

What a smart, self-disciplined woman!

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