Kim Kardashian shares archive photos from 20 years ago before plastic surgery.

Famous American beauty Kim Kardashian celebrated her 42nd birthday yesterday. Her transformation was followed by a large number of fans around the world.

Today, even her most loyal fans can barely remember what she looked like before the plastic surgery. The model recently posted archive photos from 20 years ago.

In these photos, Kim looks like a very young girl, but you have to admit that she was already incredibly attractive at the time. Critics must have been shocked to see these photos, saying that without this treatment, Kim would have been a normal girl.

We’ve always loved swimsuits, so you can see that even in the photo from 2001, she’s already quite plump.

When Kardashian fans saw the photo, they immediately started discussing what had changed. But we have to admit that she was a beautiful girl even back then.

Some have even compared her to the famous actress Mr. Bellucci, who has long been considered a symbol of feminine beauty.

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